Our salon has provided professional services to women and men for the past SIXTEEN years. 

We specialize in providing a customer focused, calm, respectful environment.

Salon owners are Enrique & Anita Nerio. We have been married 29 years. 

Enrique is from El Salvador. He is a US citizen. He speaks English and Spanish. He has been a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner for 27 years. He has worked in Atlanta (Buckhead), Denver, and Tulsa. 

Anita is from the US and had a long career in Computer Science (over 25 years). She worked in Tulsa, Atlanta, Denver, and Germany in many IT roles. Leadership, organization and team building are areas where she has had extensive experience. She manages the business side of things.

Together we bring diversity, imagination, courage, and a broad perspective on life and the people around us.

Our salon is built largely on RESPECT..... To the staff, each other and salon guests. 

We love what we do!!

We have a multi-cultural clientele and staff. 

Salon staff set their own hours (24x7) and set their own prices. They  are encouraged to maintain a joyful, respectful, professional, and fun approach to their work. 

We are looking forward to meeting YOU!
101st & Riverside          2844 E 101st St             TULSA             918-496-0000