We are the TULSA area's premiere hair salon. Featured in several publications, our courteous and professional staff has served TULSA area women and men for 16 years, with results worth boasting about. Come visit our salon and experience like never before the beauty within yourself. 

 Our staff 'make the salon'.  We have no glitter, loud music to make you think we are contemporary, no totally-cool people walking around trying to impress you, and no pretense that we are the ONLY salon in town.    We believe in the legitimate strength of the skills, talent, generosity, respect, and diversity of the staff.

We are very diverse.  AND WE LOVE IT.

Tulsa is our home and we love serving the families in the Tulsa area!  Come see us!

Enrique & Anita 

101st and S. Yale      TULSA      SHOPS OF SEVILLE      918-496-0000